How to Get Your First Job After Graduation

How to Get Your First Job After Graduation

Prepare yourself  for your job hunt.

Finishing college can be an overwhelming experience. However, the very thought of finding your first job can be overwhelming as well. Although the experience is something that all currently employed people have gone through, for a freshly graduated youngster, it can be an intimidating experience. Realizing that the knowledge gained in college is not enough can lead many to self-doubt and insecurity, so let’s have a look at the steps you can take as of today to prepare yourself the best you can for your first ever job hunt.

Is This Really Your First Job?

During their studies, most students will find a way to make money. Being a barista in a local Starbucks or helping younger students during weekends is what many students do to help their college budget and unburden their parents to an extent. With that in mind, you can say that you already have a lot of skills it takes to find your first job after college:

  • Work ethics,
  • Time management,
  • Understanding the hierarchy,
  • Following work hours,
  • Doing the basic paperwork connected to getting employed,
  • Finding contacts and making workspace friends.

How To Look for Your First Job

All these skills are necessary if you want to be successful in any workplace there is. They are not enough, though, especially if you are ambitious and would like a dream job or at least an opportunity to work on getting one. Here are some proven tips and tricks that can make getting your first job after college a breeze:

Start Networking in College

How to find a job after college graduation? This question puzzles many as headlines are full of bad news about the economy that supports fewer and fewer workplaces and the apparent difficulties of lending a job. But still, many jobs are in high demand. When was the last time you saw a Web Developer with no employment, right?


To ensure there is work for you, you should start looking for a job during your studies. Finding a job after college is so much easier if you already know where to look for it. You could also contact these places and ask whether they would be accepting an intern or a volunteer to work with them on the weekends.

Work on Your Online Presence

Using social networks to expand your chances of finding a job after college is also very important. You can find a lot of professional tips and tricks as well as expand your knowledge in certain areas by simply following the right people. Furthermore, being on LinkedIn will also ensure that you are seen and that your work is noticed. Simply elaborate on your skills and start creating an impressive portfolio while in college. You may get a chance for your first job even before your graduation.

Volunteer in Your Desired Niche

Volunteering is a great way to gain in-field experience and to see how things are done on the developers’ end of the product or service that you may be gladly using. The best thing about volunteering is that many places accept volunteers, as the pay is low. The upside for you is making connections and networking, which can benefit you greatly in the long term.

Work on Your Skills

Volunteering can also help point out which skills you need to develop further. For example, being a Marketing Manager takes a lot of skills, but no university offers them all. These skills are gained in the field and are vital to the workplace itself. Working early enough on these skills can also give you a very valuable opportunity to build them up to the point that maybe you can start working on your own after your studies. Your first workplace could be in your own startup, after all.

Contact College Career Center

The best place to go to with the “how to get your first job after college” is the college career center. These centers usually employ people who can help you understand the streams in the job market, as well as students who are closer to you in terms of understanding your needs and doubts. This is the best place to start getting your ‘insider information’ on the market and, if done early enough, can help you make wise choices regarding your college courses and specialization.

Make Your Own Website

A part of your online presence is also creating your own website. This gives an easy chance to anyone looking for employees online to easily learn about you and contact you if needed, while it also provides you with the best chance to leave a simple link in your CV and expand on this unnecessarily shortened form.


Beware that creating a website is more than simply adding text to a single page. Your website should speak volumes of you, so ensure that the content is always done by professionals. SupremeDissertations, Grammarly, and some word-processor add-ons are a great combo that can help you create content that is correct, informative, and grammatically impeccable. Working on the tone of the content and the correct wording gives you a chance to offer content that is easy to read and absorb and increases your chances of landing your first job.

Write an Impressive Cover Letter

Having an Impressive cover letter when applying for a job is of paramount importance. As Frank Hamilton, project manager at TrustMyPaper says: “When confronted with many great CVs, the final decision of who gets the job falls to the cover letters. It is here that you see who is motivated by what you are looking for in a perfect employee”. You can hire the best services to help you with your cover letter and ensure that your job application has higher chances of lending you that contract.

Final Considerations

Finding your first job after college is not an easy task. What makes it so difficult is the fear, anxiety, and self-doubt that many students experience when it is their turn to join the work market. However, understanding that you’re not the only one who has walked this path can help you deal with the negative emotions and outlook in a positive and constructive way. Furthermore, our tips on finding your first job are there to prepare you for the work market, expand your skillset and give you a taste of the workplace you’re preparing for.

Bridgette Hernandez

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