Top 7 Jobs in Germany that Pay Well

Here are the top 7, highest-paying jobs in Germany to look out for –

Germany is one of the strongest economies in the world. It has multiple flourishing industries, ranging from life sciences to mechanical engineering to chemicals, and, even automotive. It is home to some of the biggest companies in the world including Audi, Adidas, Porsche, Bosch, and Volkswagen. 

The country promises wonderful employment opportunities to people from all over the world and that is why an increased number of expats settle in Germany each year. The salary is much better than in many other European nations and most companies also provide a host of perks and employee benefits. 

If you are looking for employment opportunities in Germany, check out the list below that lists the top jobs in the country. These are some of the highest-paying jobs that you can get in Germany and grow your career exponentially. 

Top 7 Jobs in Germany that Pay Well 

Here are the top 7, highest-paying jobs in Germany to look out for – 

  1. Portfolio Managers 

Germany is home to renowned banks and financial institutions including the European Central Bank and Deutsche Bank. Hence, there are a lot of employment opportunities in the financial and banking sector. One of the highest paying jobs is that of a portfolio manager. 

Portfolio managers typically work for high-net-worth individuals or organisations and help them carefully invest their money for higher returns. They try to strike the right balance between risk and reward while also meeting the investor’s own goals and objectives. 

A portfolio manager in Germany can earn a salary ranging from €80,000 to €120,000. 

  1. Project Managers 

Project managers are also in high demand in Germany. They are tasked with managing several projects at the same time and targeting increased efficiency and productivity levels. 

Project managers are required across industries and sectors including automotive, construction, engineering, and, even, healthcare. Companies are always on the lookout for capable people that can bring teams together, coordinate work, achieve targets, and complete a project. 

To be a great project manager, you need to have significant knowledge of the industry in which the business operates. You should also have strong communication and leadership skills. A project manager in Germany can earn around €70,000 to €85,000 annually. 

  1. Risk Manager 

Risk managers are required by businesses across sectors to analyse and identify and kind of risk that the organisation is exposed to and to curtail it. Risk management is an important function that looks to identify both internal and external risks that a business might face. 

A risk manager is a person with strong analytical skills. He or she can quickly identify trends and patterns from data presented to them. They can identify threats to a company’s capital and/or investments both. They are in high demand by various businesses in the country. The average salary of a risk manager in Germany is roughly €75,000.

  1. Lawyer 

Lawyers are always in demand in Germany owing to the stringent rules and regulations operational in the country. Both business houses, as well as individuals, require the assistance of a lawyer from time to time. 

Businesses and other organisations also need lawyers regularly to meet the strict regulations imposed by various authorities. They also need to file several documents from time to time to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. However, to practice law in Germany, you need to have a deep understanding of the legal framework and also have a strong command of the German language. 

A lawyer in Germany earns an average salary of €85,000 each year. 

  1. Software Developer 

Software developers are needed by businesses to custom-develop software and tools for their business. They need software developers with impeccable skills to develop solutions that help the organisation solve its problems and meet its objectives. They are usually demanded by tech-driven businesses. 

Software developers should have sound technical skills. They also need to have the ability to work as a team and be able to coordinate work between different developers. Good communication and leadership skills would be a bonus. 

The average salary of a software developer in Germany is €70,000.

  1. Pilot

Germany is home to several major airline companies including Lufthansa. There are always several job openings for pilots at any given point in time. Companies also keep on looking for additional pilots to add to their roster. 

Usually, a pilot starts as a first officer and as they gain more flying hours, they climb up the ranks to become a captain. The opportunities are varied in this field ranging from short-haul domestic flights to long-haul flights with international carriers. 

The average salary for a pilot in Germany ranges from €60,000 to €90,000 depending on skill, experience, and other factors. 

  1. Business Manager 

Business managers are required by businesses of all sizes. Small businesses typically require a hands-on business manager who will help streamline and monitor almost all operations of an enterprise. Whereas a big company usually requires business managers that can lead teams and achieve organisational objectives. 

A business manager must have sound knowledge of the industry in which the company operates. They must know in-depth about the products and services offered by the company. A business manager is also expected to have accounting, marketing, and a certain degree of financial knowledge. 

The average salary of a business manager in Germany is €65,000.

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